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3 Horrors of Inventory Management You Must Get Rid of!
by AppJetty · November 3 Black Minkah Fitzpatrick Jersey , 2018

Does the word 鈥榠nventory haunt you? Well, if you do not like counting, you certainly would. To execute seamless inventory management is every businessperson鈥檚 dream. The same stands true for Magento 2 e-store owners. Once the products on your Magento website get selling Black Dan Marino Jersey , the number of products go up and profits increase; it becomes to take care of all the inventory and analyze the performance of items in the inventory.

There are some daily horrors that Magento 2 e-store owners face on the daily basis. With the right software in place, it is possible to get over these fears. Let鈥檚 know about them and find out how a Magento 2 Inventory Manager software can help.

Dead Stocks

Dead Stocks are the products which have gone out of season and vogue. In other words, these are the products for which you haven鈥檛 made any sales for the past 12 months. Now Jake Rudock Jersey , as these products are useless and of inferior quality, it doesn鈥檛 make sense having them in your warehouse. Moreover, they take up a lot of space and you can replace with other important products.

The best thing to do with these stocks would be getting rid of them from your business altogether. Try donating these products to a thrift store or sell them off by creating combinations with complementary products. You can make the most out of festivals and other occasions to get rid of these products.

Lack of Warehouse Planning

Believe it or not Dwayne Allen Jersey , but the lack of layout and operational planning of multiple warehouses can affect your business in a long run. Find out about how you utilize the current warehouse space and production workflows. Are you able to receive stocks and unpack them with minimum number of steps? Does it ask for a lot of steps to prepare and ship an order?

To get rid of this horror, you need to execute intelligent workflow across different warehouses. Now, this is possible only through Magento 2 inventory management extension. These extensions come with different functionalities using which you can filter different warehouses by their names Tank Carradine Jersey , search, and edit their names. You can also set the minimum stock quantity for each warehouse and choose a default warehouse which you can consider to be a primary warehouse for delivering products.

Lack of Automation

If your workflows are still based on electronic forms and excel sheets, you are sure to face the consequences of human errors. A Magento 2 Inventory Manager can help you to automate your business and provide you with a seamless workflow. The employees that have an access to the system can operate the workflow irrespective of their location.

You can also choose to customize the workflow of the extension based on your business operations. The companies that are into selling inventory extensions online can provide you with these customizations. All you need to do is get in touch with them and let them know about the features and functionalities you are looking for. Even if certain functionalities are already in place Eric Rowe Jersey , it is possible to customize the extension as Magento 2 is an open source.


If you plan the inventory management well, you can keep away from all the horrors. So, what are you waiting for? It鈥檚 time to spearhead your inventory management tasks and stop losing finances over it. Find out about the right techniques and implement them at the earliest. In case you are stuck Ryan Fitzpatrick Jersey , take help of Magento 2 Inventory Management Extensions.

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